Thursday, May 20, 2004


Well, not really much to report today. After work last night, I went home and had intentions of working out, then maybe going out to the bar. Well, that didn't quite work out. I ended up not working out, and sitting on my couch all night. I kept on thinking about going out, but really didn't get into the mood. So if was just another wasted night at home that I will never be able to get back.

Today, I am sitting here at work thinking about what I should be doing right now. I just can't find the energy to do anything. I am just looking forward to tonight, which is softball night. That means that I get to play softball with the best bunch of guys I know. After sofball, we will sit at the ballpark and drink beer until we run out. I am not sure how much we have coming this week, but I hope there is enough. Our team has rules for doing stupid things. We play slowpitch softball, so striking out will cost you a 12-pack. If you go down looking it is a case. Since we are limited to 6 home runs a game and should save them for when we have runners on the bases. A solo home run will also cost you a 12-pack, which is why I have to bring beer tonight. I just couldn't contain all of my power last week....hahahaha! After our beer is gone, if it is still early, we will more than likely hit one of the local bars until we have had our fill.

Actually the more I think about it, everything should just get better from here for the rest of the week. Softball tonight, will hit the bars with my friends on Fri. night, and I have a bachelor party to go to on Sat. This bachelor party promises to be a good one. We are going to start in the afternoon, and head out to the river to drink on one of the popular sand bars until dinner. After that, we have a bus that will be taking us around to all of the local watering holes. I'm sure that there will not be a sober person on that bus by the time we get back. (Except for the driver, I hope...) I would also guarantee that we will be visiting some of the local gentlemens clubs in the area. I always did enjoy watching girls dance naked...

One thing that I did find out today, is that our annual golf tournament has been postponed. Apparently, the weekend we had scheduled was not working out for everyone and we would have had a poor turn out. This golf tournament, (PLO - Prior Legs Open) is just a bunch of guys/friends that get together and have a one day, 18 hole, best ball tournament, followed by a night of heavy drinking. We have the tournament in a different city every year. Usually just far enough away that we can get those with wives and girlfriends to stay with us at the hotel. We usually end up with about 25-30 guys. You would not believe how much fun we have. What could be better than golfing and drinking followed by a night of chasing women at the local pubs. And just to let you know, I am one of the returning champions from last years PLO. I haven't heard when they are going to reschedule if for, but I will be sure to clear my calendar for that weekend.

Well, not much else to say right now, just trying to get through the day and my fun for the weekend will start tonight. With just an 8-hour interruption of work tomorrow. Hopefully I will not be too hung over.


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