Thursday, May 27, 2004

Stressfull day

Today has been a little stressfull at work. Right now the company I work for is going through some layoffs and there is a lot of tension. I don't think that my job is in jepordy, but you never know. Everytime I talk to someone they are asking, "Have you heard anything yet." I am just trying to get through today, and get out to play some softball tonight. My day is about over, so it appears that I still have a job, at least until tomorrow.

Yesterday, I had plans of just staying home after work, but that didn't happen. While sitting at home doing nothing but laying on the couch, Jeff calls me and says that him and another friend are going to go to a local bar and have a few beers. I really just wanted to stay home and watch the Pistons game, but then thought that maybe I would get lucky and meet a nice girl there.... I know, I know, quit laughing. Meeting a nice girl at the bar on a Wed. night... not very likely. So anyway, I had a few beers, watched the game and then pretty much went home. No real excitement. Earlier, just before I had to meet them at the bar the girl from the cruise called me. (Need a name for her since she is in most of these: I will call her...CC for Cruise chick.) She just wanted to talk and see how things were, but I think she actually wanted me to ask her to come over. I just wasn't in the mood even though I knew it would guarantee me some sex for the night. I think she still wants to go out with me, but I always have to ask her to come over, she will never ask me if she can. I think she may be afraid of getting to attached and then me telling her to get lost. I understand her position, since I was the one who broke it off before and she did not take it well. I almost thought about calling her after I left the bar, but thought better of it and headed straight home. So it was a very boring/uneventfull night. The Pistons did win though.... Yesssss!


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