Friday, May 28, 2004

Waiting for the weekend.

It is finally friday. Here I am at work, time is just standing still. Everyone must have taken the day off, because my phone has not rung in the last 2 hours. There are 5 other people who do what I do for the company, and all of them are gone. I am holding down the fort all by myself, and I don't think that I even need to be here.

Played softball last night, or at least some form of it. We lost on first game in extra innings by 1 run, that just sucks... Then the second game, which we won, we were up by 9 going into the last inning. The other team did score a few, but it was never close. I don't know what it is, but our team just can not get it going this year. We are now 5-3, but haven't played well yet. I don't know what to do, but we need something to change the way thing are right now.

After softball, we drank beer at the ballpark until it was gone, then Jeff and I decided to head down to a bar which a bunch of our other friends were going to be at. We had a few beers, talked to our friend, then all of the sudden Jeff says, "Hey, did you know that CC was here" (The Cruise Chick) I did know she was going to go out with a friend of hers who's birthday was last night, but I didn't have any idea that they would be there. So, Jeff went over there and gave her some shit and talked with them for a little while and then headed back to the boys. CC was right behind him and asked me why I didn't go talk to her, or if I didn't want to see her. I said no, that I hadn't even seen her until Jeff said something and he went right over there. Of course she just gave me that look like, yeah right. I then talked with her for a little while and then headed to the bar to buy 3 shots for me, the birthday girl, and CC. After that, most of our friends had left so Jeff and I sat down with CC's friends. Jeff was bored to death, so he decided to go home about 20 minutes later. We drank, talked, and did all the normal stuff you do at the bar, and then when it was time to go, CC ended up going home with me. While driving home, my cell phone rings, CC grabs the phone, I knew this was not going to be good. I was right, it was a booty call from another girl. When she answered, the other girl was silent for a moment, then hung up. Two minutes later, my phone rings again. I tried to grab it, but CC was faster than me. She answers and the girl asks for me, CC says I'm not available right now. She ask who this is and CC's says she is my girl friend. Then they bitched at each other for awhile and she hung up. I wanted to crawl into a hole right then. CC asks me if I was still sleeping with her, of course I said no. (At least not since the last time.) She questioned me about it for awhile, and then let it drop, so I thought. I was a little distured by her calling herself my girlfriend, but I thought it was just to piss the other girl off. After we got home, I said that I needed to take a shower, because I had played softball and was all dirty and sweaty. Next thing I know, we are both in the shower together. I washed myself, then she washed me also. She only hit the good spots though. Not much else happened, but I did manage to get a little sucking action on my manhood, but only for about 30 seconds, what a tease. We then went to bed. I thought we were going to do the nasty, but instead she wanted to talk. Which is fine, but she wanted to talk about what all guys hate...feelings. After talking for about 2 hours, I finally couldn't take it any longer and went to sleep. Had a chick in the shower with me, she played with me, sucked me, was in bed naked with me, and still I get no action. Something is just wrong about that. We woke up this morning, a little late, and I still had to bring her to her call. Well, she said there wasn't time, so I brought her to her place, she changed and got ready while I waited. I then drove her to work, and then went to work myself. I still have to pick her up after work and bring her to her car. I am just not sure what to do now. I really don't want a serious girlfriend right now, but if I tell her that, it will crush her and she will hate me for the rest of my life. I must be living in a soap opera or something. I may have to sleep on this this weekend and decide on how to proceed.


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At 2:39 PM, Blogger jentheengine said...

Hello 35 and single. So, I'm so new to this whole "blogging" scene. While looking on-line, your "blog" is the first that I read. How ironic. Your life is pretty much identical with mine but I'm 34 and single and a female. Divorced with kids and finally dating again. What a fucking, pardon my language-I'm from Chicago, scary scene. Dating is so much different from 10 years ago. Before you sleep with someone, you need to see papers from their MD with the office stamp, stating that you are not only HIV- but also STD free. Fuck that. Like I say to my girlfriends, I have 3 different size vibrators. It's like being with a different man every time. And they don't want to talk about feelings. Haha. I will continue to read on. Thanks for making me smile. I'm not alone in this cluster fuck called dating. Thank God.


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