Monday, May 24, 2004

Weekend events.

Well, it was a pretty big weekend. I see that I didn't post anything about Thurs. but not much really happened. We played softball, and won both games, had a few beers, and then went home, pretty uneventfull.

Friday night, my best friend and I decided that we were going to go out, but wanted to take it easy since we had a bachelor party to go to on Sat. We showed up at our normal hangout around 7:30. Drank some beer, ordered some food, and just sat around until about 10:30. We then decided we would hit one of the local pickup bars in the area, since it was on our way home. Usually, this place just bores us and we just regret going. Tonight seemed to be a better night. When we got there, it was still relatively empty, so we bellied up to the bar and ordered a couple of beers. Lots of women around, but we didn't make any moves on any of them, just wasn't in the mood to be turned down for the 99 millionth time. (Women suck, they think that we are always bothering them, and they say that they just hate getting hit on all the time. I would love to reverse rolls with them for one month. They would then find out that getting rejected 20 times a night starts to wear on you confidence. Most of the time, all I wanted was just to talk to them and meet new people, but of course they always immediately think you are just trying to get into their pants.) Anyway, we were sitting at the bar, and a mutual friend showed up and sat next to my friend on the other side. We talked for about 15 minutes when this short little hot woman comes up and sits down right next to him. I really didn't think much of it, she was nice, about our age. We chatted for awhile, and the my two friends were talking while she went to the bathroom about who was going to hit on her. My best friend told the other to go ahead. The girl came back and 15 minutes later he was on his way out, he was taking her home. My best friend was livid, he has been having a dry spell for awhile and was not happy that he just handed this girl to our friend. He was expecting that he would get shot down, but apparently she was looking for the same thing. I just laughed at him, and gave him shit all weekend. While sitting at the bar, I got a bootie call for a girl that I get vertical with every once in a while. She wanted to meet us at another bar, and she had her girlfriend with her. My friend wanted to go since he had just lost a good chance for some action, I could take it or leave it since we had a big day planned on Sat. We decided to go, and had a few beers with them. They wanted to go back to my place so I said fine, my friend said he was just going to go home, he didn't think that he was getting anywhere with her friend. So here I am at home with two women, one I know I could get in bed without any problems, so I decided why not try to get them both. Well, this didn't work out very well, and her friend decided to leave. I never made any moves to anger her, but apparently she was a little drunk, and just wanted to go to bed. After she left I went to bed with the other girl and really wasn't into it very much. Don't get me wrong, sex is great anytime, but sometimes I would just like it to mean something. If I could just find one good women who I respected and loved. (I can't believe I just said that.) Well, anyway during a little foreplay, I think she noticed that I wasn't really into things, she looks at me and says, "How would you like it if I brought another women to bed with us.." Boy did I perk up real fast. I of course said yes, anytime. I was thinking about that for the rest of the night. That is like every guys dream, two women and you... It still brings a smile to my face today just thinking about the possibility of it actually happening. I know, any women out there who are reading this probably think that I am a pig, and I may very well be, but I would give up that possibility if I could just find that one women out there that could make me happy for the rest of my life. But, I think I already married and divorced her... So now I will just move on and see what happens.


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