Friday, June 18, 2004


Well, today was the day I was to let the company know if I plan on staying, or leaving. I called my boss this morning, and asked if I could wait until Mon. to let him know what I decided so that I could think some more about it over the weekend. As of right now, I am leaning toward leaving the company, and starting a new life somewhere else. This would actually solve a lot of the problems I have right now. I wouldn't have to see the ex-wife as often and the girlfriend situation would be gone. The bad things include: leaving friends and family, (especially my boys) no job or job security, loss of seniority and vacation time. For all I know, a year from now, I could be roaming the streets, eating out of garbage cans. I really don't think that would happen, but you never know.

We did play softball last night, 1 win, 1 loss. The only good thing is that the second game was the first time this year that we actually starting hitting well. We scored in every inning but 1, which is what you need to do in slowpitch softball. Our defense was also spectacular, I don't think we even had any errors that I can remember. We didn't drink very much last night though, everyone is trying to be good until Sat. when all hell will break loose during our party. Almost the whole ball team will be there, except for a couple who are going to be out of town. Jeff emailed me today, and his ex-girlfriend from college is coming to our party. I met her last year, and she is smoking hotttt. She is pretty, and has a body built for fucking... Just to give you an idea, she enters all of these fitness competitions that you see on TV. She looks good enough to win from what I can tell. The other great thing is she likes to show off a little. Last year when she came up, she was wearing a tight fitting shirt with a little mini skirt on. I just about shot a load in my pants when I saw her. The funny part is that Jeff broke up with her. Well, he kind of screwed it up anyway. Apparently she isn't into sex very much, and Jeff ended up cheating on her with some insignificant chick which caused the breakup. I will be drooling when she shows up on Sat., heck, I am drooling now just thinking about her. Jeff did also invite two of his cousins. (Not sure if I told that story before or not, but I am too lazy to look right now.) Unfortunately, I have a small problem. The two cousins are sisters. One is older, still married, but going through some bad times. She is the one that I kissed and danced with during a bachelor party that I attended. She is also the one that I really want nothing to do with. The other is the one I would like to get to know better. She is recently divorced, and has 1 kid I believe. I have always been able to talk to her, and she seems to like me some what. I am not sure, I am not used to looking for those signs, but I will definitely find out Sat. if she shows up. The problem is that no matter which one I talk to or hit on, the other one is going to find out. I would assume that they tell each other everything, and may have to explain the kissing incident. If they do not come to the party, I will be going solo all night, because I don't believe that any other women that I am interested in will be there. I may go out to the bar tonight and just invite every hot looking women I can find. At least then the numbers might be in my favor.... LOL


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