Monday, June 14, 2004

Just another weekend.. + Game 4

Well, Sat. morning, I had to pick up Jeff and give him a ride back to his car, since we left it at the bar Fri. night. It was my weekend with the boys, and they had a baseball game at 1:00p. What a great day, sunny, 80's. After baseball, we headed back to my apartment and spent most of the rest of the afternoon at my pool.

On Sun. morning, one of my son's says he is not feeling well, and 5 minutes later, he is throwing up. He did feel very warm, and I didn't have a thermometer in my apartment, and also no children's medicine. So I decided that I had to get him something. Threw all the kids in the car, with one bucket, in case he had to puke again. At the local drug store, I bought some medicine for him, and after he took that and got an hour nap in, he was feeling well again. I had planned on bringing them to the pool all afternoon, but I couldn't do that with a sick kid.

CC had made a date with me for Sun. night, she was going to bring over pizza and beer and watch Game 4. She did come over early, but had to leave to meet some people that were in town. So I drank beer, ate pizza, and watched the 1st half of the game by myself. She did show up for the 2nd half though. As far as the game is concerned...How about those Pistons.... I love it.... Now I would love to see them close it out at home in the Palace on Tues. night.... CC did stay over night, and we did have some good sex, but nothing out of the ordinary. Although, I did get a nice wake up this morning. Morning sex is always good.

One more subject to talk about, which definitely effects my entire life. As of right now, my current job position is being moved to another city. It was announced to me on Fri. I have until next Fri. to make a decision on what I want to do.

My options:
Commute to the new location. (70 miles each way.)
Relocate to the new location. (I have no desire to live there.)
Accept a severance package and leave the company.

Right now I am looking for another job. The main reason for looking for a different job is the package being offered. It is apporximately 5 months pay. If I get any promising leads in the next week, I will probably take the severance and leave the company I am with. I really like what I do, and who I work for, but sometimes you have to just move on, and take the money. One week isn't much time to find a new job though. I will be lucky to even get any responses by then. My looking for a new job is limited to 2 things. It has to be somewhere south of here, in a warmer climate, and I would like it to be doing the same thing I currently do, or close to it. Even if I don't actually find a job, if the market looks promising, I will leave here. I really don't want to leave my kids, but I hate having to see my ex-wife all the time, it's just like pouring salt in an open wound.


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