Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Memorial weekend...

Really not a very exciting weekend, but I will fill you in on some of it.

Friday after work, Jeff and I headed down to our favorite watering hole around 6:30. We sat, drank, talked, and ate. I was not having a great time, but it was better than sitting at home alone. Later on, a couple of our married friends came in, but didn't really hang out with us. They are a little on the strange side anyway, but I would definately not call them good friends. They look out for themselves first, no matter what. Both are little concieted, and he is full of hot air. (Always has something to say about everything.) They eventually left, and by that time Jeff and I were getting pretty full. I had switched from beer to drinks, and they were going down like water. By closing time, we were in no shape to drive. Luckily, one of the bartenders ended up taking us home. I don't even remember the ride, but I did wake up in my apartment, so everything was all good.

This was my weekend to have the kids, so they came over on Sat. morning. I still had a bad headache from the night before, so I let them play on the computer and I laid on the couch to watch TV. Was a pretty lazy day, just sat around and played with the boys. On Sun. I needed to do a little shopping. The boys and I headed out to the local Wal-Mart. This was a big mistake. Never go to a Wal-Mart on Sun. afternoon with three boys. I was just about ready to pull my hair out. There should be an IQ test before you are allowed to shop at some of these stores. My boys were actually being very good, but some of the idiots in the store should be shot, or at least kicked in the azz. I don't know how many times I would come up behind someone and they would be blocking the whole aisle while talking to someone else. I am not one to bitch at people, but I was about to go off pretty soon. Some of this people didn't even seem to care, they would just talk until they were done and then move on. The whole time I was standing there waiting for them to move, and they knew I was there. Finally, after about having this happen 3 times, I couldn't hold back any longer. The next time, there was this guy sanding next to his cart, talking to someone else who was standing next to their cart, blocking a big walk way. This wasn't just a small aisle, there was room for at least four carts to go through normally. As I tried to squeeze past I looked right at the jerk and said "Why don't you just move over here a little so you can block the whole fucking aisle." He looked at me like he wanted to say something, or maybe hit me, but before he could do anything the guy in front of me started laughing and said, "Ain't that the truth." I never did look back, but I would assume that he moved.

Monday, we had a free pancake feed in our community room of my apartment building. So the boys and I had some pancakes and bacon before it was time to bring them home. I brought the boys home around 11:00a, then went home and cleaned a little and laid around. Jeff and I had been invited to a party that was starting around 3:00. It was a party given by one of the bartenders that works at our favorite bar. He had invited most of the staff, and a few of the regulars. It was not a bad party, but the weather was shitty, and we had to work the next day, so we didn't really drink very much. Jeff and I had about 10 beers each, but neither of us were drunk at all. On the way home, we decided to stop at a bar and have a few more beers and watch the rest of the Lakers vs. Wolves game. God I hate the Lakers. Then we went home, and I went to bed. Tues. morning still got here to soon, but at least it will be a short week for me. I have Friday off to go to a wedding. Jeff's brother is getting married on Sat. I will almost guarrantee that I will have some stories after that.

I just went back and read through all of this, god what a boring weekend. There are a lot of things I left out, but you didn't really want to hear about the things the boys and I did anyway. I suspect Tues. - Wed. will also be slow since I have a big weekend planned. So stay tuned until next Mon. (Not that anyone reads this anyway, but I don't really care.)


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