Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Monday again

I know everyone hates Mondays, but this one was even worse since I had to give them my decision on whether I was going to leave the company or not. Well, I told them that I was going to stay. I am still not sure I made the correct choice, but I will have to live with it. My boss did give me an out though. He said he knew it was a tough choice for me to make, and said that if I change my mind in the next couple of weeks, he will see what he can do about getting me the severance package.

I have had numerous people call me today and ask what my decision was, they all seemed happy that I decided to stay. I will probably have to commute 2 hours each day until the lease on my current apartment is up, which is going to suck. I can get out of my lease, but it will cost me 2 months rent to do so. After my lease is up, I will be moving to a city I really don't want to live in, but I guess I have never really given it a chance yet. I am still interviewing for some other jobs that I have applied for, hopefully something will come through soon, so I can still collect my severance package. The one job I am most interested in is one which would require me to travel internationally on a consistent basis. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I did make one decision this weekend, I am going to go on a singles cruise again. I have probably told you this before, I don't remember, but it is a great time. If there is anyone who reads this and is single, I would definitely recommend it. I have been on two cruises in my life, and the singles cruise was the best vacation that I have ever had. On a regular cruise, you meet a few people, but mostly hang out with the people that you went with. On a singles cruise, everyone is there to meet other people and have a good time. It is easy to find and make new friends since they are all there for the same reason. The first one I went on, there were over 500 singles, and from what I hear, this one is suppose to be bigger. They do have them constantly, but the big one will be the Halloween cruise. If you are interested at all, check this out. Singles Cruise, I even still call and email a few of the people who I met on that cruise. Well, I had better go, lots to do today.


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