Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Normal Fri. night, and the PARTY!!!

Well, it has been a while since I have updated this, but it has been a busy and stressful weekend. So here it goes...

Friday wasn't anything special, Jeff and I head down to our watering hole for a few beers. We had intensions of just a couple and then going home since our party was going to be the next day, and we didn't want to be hung-over for that. Well, around 9:30, LB (Little Buddy) showed up, so we had a sober driver since he can't drink any longer. Next thing I know, it was closing time, and I was a lot drunker than I had intended on getting. I had to ask LB if I paid my tab the next day, because I couldn't remember if I did or not.

On Sat. I didn't really get going until around 1:00. LB called me to run to the store on my way over to get some last minute supplies before the party. I got to Jeff's around 2:30 to help get everything setup. I still have my grill over there from when I first moved out of my house after separating from the ex-wife. It hadn't been used in a year, so I had to get that cleaned up and ready to go. We called one of our friends from the bar and then picked up the keg and cold plate. By 3:30, the keg was tapped and we were ready to go. We had told everyone that they should start showing up around 5:00, so we got a good head start on everyone. By 6:00 we had a very good crowd, and started cooking on the grill. You wouldn't believe how much booze we had in the house that night, but apparently, it was just enough. From what I remember, we had: The keg, bottles of Limon(Bacardi), Southern Comfort, (2)Vodka, Scotch, Goldschlager, Drambui, and Jaggermister. There may have been more, but that is all I remember. By the next morning, the only thing left was 1/4 bottle of Scotch, and some beer that we had to get when everything else was gone. (We had LB go out and get (3)30-packs of beer around midnight.) I couldn't even tell you how many people were at the party, because people were coming and leaving all night. I would say on average, there were 20-30 people there most of the time. I only had a few prospects that night, so I tested them out early, and since it didn't seem like I had a chance, I proceeded to drink heavily. The 3 women I talked to, or at least hit on were all good looking, but one of them was the one Jeff likes, so I had to leave her alone. Although, she did sit on my lap at the table for 20 minutes, and then proceeded to show me her boobs later. But she was off limits at least until Jeff gets shot down. He hasn't gone out with her at all yet, but I think he is going to ask her out sometime. The girlfriend she brought with her was very hot, probably the best looking girl at the party, but she seemed kind of young and I wasn't sure I wanted to put in the work it would take to land her on this night. Actually, if I see her again, I may give it a shot, if I get any good vibes back from her. The other was a good looking women that I didn't know, but I found out that she had a boyfriend, and I decide to not even waste my time on her.

So, with no chances of getting any action, I just got pounded. At one point in the night, we were drinking talking, having a good time. It was around 11:00p, the next thing I know, I look at my watch and it was like 3:30a. I could not tell you everything that happened in that time, but I have some very nice pictures that helped to fill in some of the gaps. I will have to find somewhere to put the pictures on the internet so that I can make a link to put them up on my site. Nothing better than half naked women at a party. I do remember one thing, we were doing something when a couple of women dared us to run down the street naked. I don't know what we were thinking, or why we did it, but the next thing I know, a friend and I are naked running down the street with everyone else watching. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problems with people seeing me without my clothes on, but it was probably not the right place or time to be doing it. I am just glad a cop didn't come around the corner right about then.

The next morning I woke up around 11:00a, there wasn't a sole in the house except for Jeff and I. Jeff got up around 12:00, and we just laid in the living room watching TV until 2:00 before we started to clean things up. There were beer cans and glasses everywhere, but with both of us on the job, it didn't take very long. The rest of my day was spent at home on the couch feeling like poop.

There are many other little tidbits I could tell you about the party, but without knowing the people or the background, it is just not the same. For example, Jeff's brother and his girlfriend were there, and she is the sweetest girl I know. She is young and innocent. Well, from what I found out, she was very drunk, and all I will say is that she is probably embarrassed about some of the things she did, and the next day, I found out that she puked 3 times that night. I just couldn't believe it was her.

Overall, it was a good party, nothing was broken, and I don't believe that I owe anyone an apology at all.


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