Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pistons = NBA Champions

The Pistons are the Champions of the NBA. I am in heaven. I was so excited last night that I almost pissed myself. I really wanted to go to the bar and watch the game there with my friends, but I had told CC that I would take her out and then watch the game at her place. What a dumb decision, I didn't even get laid. I am not sure why, we just went to bed and fell to sleep. I didn't really care though, I was still glowing from the Pistons victory. But I am still bummed that I didn't go to the bar. My team may not win another championship for a long time, and I didn't even really get to celebrate.

I took CC out for crab legs last night, which were really good until they started to get cold. We then went to her apartment to watch the game. We did end up naked in bed together, but nothing happened at all. It reminded me of sleeping with my ex-wife just before we seperated. Sleep with them, but not touching them at all. It was really kind of weird.

Yet another call from a headhunter today. This one sounded more promising, and actually had a job in mind that fit my qualifications almost exactly. I am not sure how he found a job for someone who has a masters degree in surfing the internet and dodging any type of work at all times, this guy must be good.

Jeff and I are having our annual party this weekend, on Sat. We plan on going out to buy all the food tonight after work. Usually, we buy all the food, and supply one keg of beer. After that, everyone is on their own. Last year was a blast. We had people all over, and everyone seemed to have a great time. No fights, arguments, or any big dramatic happenings that would bring down the mood. I am looking for this years party to be bigger and better than last year.

Have to go, 5 minutes left in my workday. There are many things that I have in my head right now, hopefully I will have more time tomorrow to spend sorting this stuff out so I can convey it to the rest of the world on this page.


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