Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Pistons win!!!!

Well, my whole game plan for last night was to sit on the couch and watch the Pistons. I thought it would be a relaxing evening, but the Pistons game had me so nervous and upset at times, I just about turned it off. They didn't play very well offensively, and they never had the lead until the 4th quarter. It seems like they have been doing that lately, giving the other team a 10 point head start in the 1st quarter, then trying to get back in it the rest of the game.

But the outcome was great. We are headed to the finals to play the HATED Lakers.

Other than the game, the rest of my night was spent messing around on my computer, surfing the internet. I did play some online poker last night, but I was getting bored with that. Tonight promises to be more of the same. I have to do a little shopping after work, but then it is straight to the couch. I have a big weekend planned and it starts on thursday night.

Actually the more I think about it, the more I want to do something tonight. Sitting at home again sounds pretty boring. I would love to go golfing if the weather wasn't so shitty. I could go out to eat, but I want to try to stay away from the bar if possible. I could also go to a movie, but I hate going by myself, I feel like such a dork. Well, I will wait to see how I feel after work.


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