Thursday, June 03, 2004


Well, nothing happened last night, ended up laying on the couch and falling to sleep around 7:00. Didn't wake up until midnight, then went to bed and couldn't get back to sleep.

I was looking through other peoples blogs today. I just randomly went to different ones to see if I could find anything interesting. For those out there that want other people to read their blogs, I have one suggestion. Make the damn thing readable. I don't know how many I just opened, and then closed right away, but it was a lot. Everyone has to have a cool backgound, or change the foreground and backgound colors. Half of them I couldn't even read without staining my eyes. Some were so cluttered that it was almost funny. Then I took a look at mine again to make sure I didn't do any of that stupid shit. Mine is pretty generic, with text that is easy to read without and funky backgrounds, and that is the way I am going to keep it. The ones I did like were pretty much the same, I was looking for content, not who could put the most funky looking shit on their pages.

One more thing on other peoples pages I noticed is that they never told anyone who they were. I don't care if they want to be anonymous, that is fine. But usually I wanted to know their gender, age, and where they were from. Is that too much to ask. I guess if they don't want to put any info up, that is fine, I will just move on to someone else's page.

Why does beer come in 12 packs, and not 10, or 8 packs???
Why isn't prostitution legal, everywhere. Then maybe wives at home would put out more.
Why is it that neighbors don't socialize like they use to.
Men view sex as a luxury item, women view sex as a tool to get what they want.
The Gov. is so fucked up that I have no interest in playing their little game anymore.
Baseball is in desperate need of a salary cap.
Al Gore created the internet... hahahaha He can't create an original thought.
Best football running back of all time - Barry Sanders
Best basketball player of all time - Michael Jordan
My favorite "current" TV series - "West Wing"
My favorite PC game - Half-life TFC
Kids under 5yrs old are so innocent, before they are corrupted by the world.
People who are conceited and lie can suck my dick...
I am a leg man, nothing looks better on a woman than a sexy pair of legs.
I still love my ex-wife, lust after her, and my current life sucks ass without her.
I drink more after my divorce than I did before, and should cut down.
Cell phones are great.
What doesn't cause cancer now days?????
However much money I make, it never seems to be enough.
Last thought of the day - Work sucks, I need to win the lottery....


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