Thursday, July 15, 2004

Austads Golf

Well, last night I didn't do anything exciting, just stayed home, played on the computer, washed some clothes, and watched TV. So there really isn't much to say, but I will tell you about the story I mentioned yesterday that has to deal with the new golf clubs I bought earlier this summer. This morning, I emailed Austads to let them know what I thought about their store, and the way I was treated. Here is the text of the email I sent:

I am not sure where to even begin. I am so upset, it almost makes me sick. I was planning on coming down to the store to complain, but I thought that I might just lose it. On May 9th, I went into the 41st store in Sioux Falls to buy some new irons. After looking around and being helped, I finally picked out a set and purchased them. The clubs were standard length, and I wanted them lengthened to better fit me. I was told that they could do that for me and that it would take about a week. I said great, and gave them my phone number to call me when they were done. A week goes by, and no call. After 2 weeks, I called the store and they said that they were not done yet, but should be done in the next few days. This was on a Thursday. On next Tuesday, I called back again, and they are still not done. Now I was starting to get upset, but this being the beginning of the golf season, I thought that they may just be busy, so I let it slide. From then on, I called about every 3-4 days, and finally after 3 ½ weeks, they said they were done and that I could pick them up. I picked up the clubs, and everything looked good. After golfing a few rounds with my new irons, they just didn’t feel right, so I compared them to my old clubs. These new clubs were about an inch shorter which puzzled me. Currently, I have brought my new irons to Golf USA to have them checked. The guy there told me that the clubs were standard length and had not been lengthened. So now, I have to pay them around $100 dollars to lengthen my clubs, even though this was suppose to have been done. Shit, they basically held my clubs hostage for a month and didn’t do a damn thing with them. (Golf USA said they would have them done in 3 days.) I will guarantee that I will never buy anything from Austads again. I will also do my best to tell everyone I know about the great service that I received there. I will not be happy until I know that I have cost your store at least 10 times the amount of money that you cost me for having to pay to get something done that was suppose to be done already. I will tell every group of golfers that will listen about your shitty service, and how you never even did what you were suppose to do in the fist place. I have a golf tournament on the 31st of July with 28 of my friends; every one of them will hear this story at least once.

PS. I am still looking to replace my woods this year, but it will not be from Austads.

Please take me off of your mailing list; I will not be back to your establishment.

I sent this email to them this morning around 8:30a. The wording was much tamer that what I was thinking at the time, but I didn't want to sound like a punk with an IQ of 80. Between 9:30a and 10:00a, I received a call from the manager of that store. She basically said that she was really sorry for what had happened, and she had just taken over the store and the previous manager was no longer there. She wanted to know if there was anything she could do to try to make thing right with me. I expressed my anger and told her that I knew it wasn't her fault, but my clubs were already being fixed by a competitor of theirs. She offered my a $50 gift certificate, and I told her she could send it to me, but I didn't know if I would every use it or not. Just thinking about this all over again gets me worked up. Then around 11:30a, I get a call from Golf USA. The clubs that I dropped off on Tuesday, were already done, and I can pick them up today. I know that I am still upset about this right now, but I don't believe that I will ever go back to Austads again, except to use the $50 certificate. So if anyone reading this has ever thought about, or is going to purchase golf equipment from Austads, I would advise you to look elsewhere.

I have the entire week off next week, so my new and improved golf clubs should get a workout everyday. I need to get some much needed golf and relaxation in next week. So far this summer, I have been so busy, I think I only have 3 rounds of golf in, and the season is 1/2 over. I may not have much time, or feel like posting much next week, but if anything exciting happens, I will try to get it posted. The weekend coming up is the first weekend in about 2 months, that I have nothing planned. I should just take off and go somewhere, but I have nobody to go with me. Sometimes I just wonder if life is worth living when you don't have anyone to share your ups and downs with. I keep thinking that I will meet that special someone, but it just seems like I am fighting a losing cause.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

I hope this doesn't offend you, but as a single mother, who has not been married, I have had to learn to live with myself. I think that if you could learn to live with yourself also, you might not stress so much about your loneliness. Not that it doesn't ever get to me, but not as bad as it could. I mean, as cheesy as it sounds, you are the only one who is there for the long haul with yourself. Yeah, me and my multiple personalities have finally reconciled to be together forever...Just kidding.

Oh, and I don't golf, but my dad and some friends do, I will pass along the story! Great letter!

At 3:56 AM, Blogger Johnnie Walker said...

If I were a golfer, I would be boycotting Austads. The art of customer service has definitely become a lost art.

By the way, the thing that really motivates me to stay away from marriage and kids is the fact that 99.9% of all guys I know who are married with children are absolutely miserable.

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Johnny. Look around ... how many truly happy married couples do you know? I certainly don't see many. Not only is customer service a lost art, but so is independence. I am 35, single, never married ... and I love it. Of course, I would like to have someone to love, but hey, you can't force that to happen. So, in the meantime, I am living my life exactly how I want to ...

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