Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Well, after hearing my layoff news, not much else really happened last week.  We did play softball on Thursday night, and we actaully started hitting the ball like we should have been all year.  We came out with 2 very needed wins.  I did go out on Friday night, but we actaully went home early since I had to get my kids in the morning, and we were playing in a softball tournament.  The softball tournament didn't go great, but we did at least hit the ball better than we have been, but we made way to many errors and looked like a bunch of screw offs.  My kids loved it though.  They love going to tournaments, because between games we play catch and I pitch to them so that they can bat.  Sunday after getting home from the tourney, I was wiped out.  My kids wanted to hit the pool, but I just wanted to lay down.  Luckily for me, they started playing on my computer and forgot about going swimming.  Monday and Tuesday, I went to work as normal, but really haven't done much.  I am answering the phone and helping some people, but since this is my last week, I am not looking for anything extra to do.  Today, I packed up all of my personal stuff and put it in my car.  All I have left now is Thursday and Friday.  I would imagine that on Friday I will be out of her around noon anyway.  Being a short timer is great, but there is much uncertanty on my future....


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