Monday, July 12, 2004


I am not even sure where to start. I don't even have anything big to talk about, but a lot of little annoying things have happened lately. I guess I will start with Thurs. night. Of course it was softball night, and we were scheduled to play 2 very good teams. The first game we played decent, and ended up getting beat 10-13. Everything was still ok at that point, but I just didn't really feel like I had any energy all night. The 2nd game we were playing a team that got 5th in the national tournament last year. They were pretty much killing us, and I was not really getting upset at that as much as the bickering and complaining of my teammates. It was like playing with a bunch of whining kids. I was almost embarrassed by them, and this is not like our team at all. So after the games, we were drinking some beers, and everything seemed fine, until they started talking about the game and the two that were doing the most whining were back at it again. I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to leave and go home early.

Friday night was my only night out this weekend, since I was picking up my boys on Saturday morning. I had to pickup my car from the mechanic after work before I could get ready to go out. So, after work, I drive my rental car down to the rental agency, and they are going to give me a ride to the mechanic's shop. I had to wait for about 5 minutes for the person who was to give me a ride, but it was well worth it. The person giving me a ride was a women around my age, or maybe a little younger. She was very good looking, and was very easy to talk to during the ride. By the time we got there, I was hoping that she would just keep driving around town for a while. During our conversation, I did find out her name, but of course I had this nervous knot in my stomach and forgot her name right away. But she said that she does go to the bar Jeff and I hang out at every once in a while. She said that she usually goes on Tuesday nights, so you know where I will be every Tuesday for a while anyway. I didn't ask, but she wasn't wearing a wedding ring, so I am assuming that she is single. She might have a boyfriend, but I felt that it may have been to forward to ask that in the car while she was working. Hopefully I will see her out sometime and then I can get to know her better.

So there I am, just got dropped off by a beautiful woman, I am now in a great mood, walk into the shop, and then find out my bill is going to be over $1900. If that doesn't just bring you right back down to earth, I don't know what else will. The only good thing is that my car seems to be running great now. By the time I got home, I had to jump in the shower to get ready because Jeff was coming to pick me up in 30 minutes.

Of course we went to our normal hangout, unfortunately the girl I had met early was not there tonight, but I wasn't really expecting her to be there. I started out just having a few beers, got some food and was shooting the shit with my friends. Later that night two or our married friends showed up. I will call them MM and MF for "married male an female". I have mentioned them before, but I don't think I gave the full story. I would call them friends, but not real close friends. Everyone knows that they are a little different, even though they try to hide things the best they can. What I mean by this is that they are swingers. They have a pretty open relationship, but they just don't want there friends to know because some of our friends would have a hard time with this. I on the other hand have no problems with this, MF and MM has confided with me on some of the details of their experiences. She is very nice, good looking with huge assets, if you know what I mean. Her huge assets are very nice, but because I am a leg man, I am more impressed with her legs and tight ass than anything else. I have had more than a few encounters with them and would love to tell you all about them, but if anyone I know, mainly Jeff, ever read this, he would know it is me, because I have told him about some of the things we have done. Lets just say that I have been with MF more than a few times. I am not the type of person to break up marriages, and would never do that to a friend, but every time I was with her, he knew about it and was in the house or location we were in. Anyway, I haven't been with MF for over a year now. I am not sure if she just wanted something different, and I was not the exciting guy should couldn't have anymore or what, but it just seemed to stop after a while. Well tonight, we were talking for quite some time, and eventually the subject of sex came up. I told her how great she was, and she in turn said that I was great in bed and any girl would be lucky to get me there. At this point I was thinking I should put an ad in the paper with her as a reference, but back to the subject. After some more talking, drinking, and flirting, she basically said that she would love to get together with me again soon. I told her all she had to do was say when and where, but that never seems to work out. I know that if it was more spontaneous it would be better for both of us anyway. So, hopefully in the next few weeks or months, I will have a new story to tell, and I will post it her for all to see. That just means that I can not tell Jeff about it, oh well, his loss.

Saturday, the boys had their baseball tournament. They lost there first game, so they were out, but got to play another game just for fun. The each received a participants trophy, and a necklace with a little glove or ball on it. It was pretty nice actually, and the boys wore their new necklaces all weekend.

Sunday, the boys and I hit the swimming pool for a few hours, but other than that, we didn't do much else. So, that was my weekend, and most of the happenings, I don't expect much excitement this week, but I do know that I will be going to our hangout on Tuesday night just for the possibility of meeting up with that women again.


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