Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hostage taken...

Monday night sucked ass... I do computer work for my parents place of work, and they were having some problems with the tape drive in their server. So, after working all day, I then drove 40 miles to work on their server for 4 hours. After that, I went to my parents house to work on their home computer, because they couldn't get on the internet. By the time I got home, it was already 11:00p. The only good part of the whole day was eating at my mom's house around 8:30. She always was a good cook, and I haven't had a good home cooked meal in a long time. Thanks mom.

In my last post, I forgot to mention my new found hatred for our local Pontiac dealer. When I was getting my car fixed, they logically had to disconnect the battery. Well, with the Anti-Theft protection that is built into my factory radio, when power is removed from the unit, it goes into a "lock" mode. There are only two ways to unlock the radio from this point. When you first get the car, the owner is asked to enter a personal code, which I did when I bought the car since it was brand new. This car was bought in 1996, which makes it 8 years old. I can hardly remember last year, much less a code I entered into my radio 8 years ago. The other way to unlock the radio is to bring it to a dealership and they can get a code that they can enter to unlock it. About 3 years ago, I had the battery replace in my car and the same thing happened, I then brought the car to the dealer. The guy I talked to just walked over to my car and it took him about 1 minute and it was good to go. So, I drove down to the Pontiac dealership, which is under new ownership now in a different location. I walk up to one of the workers which, from the way he acted and dressed, may have been a supervisor or something. I told him my situation and asked if they could unlock my radio. He looked at my and said that they could do this but the charge would be $30. (That's $1800 an hour.) My jaw just dropped, I told him they did it for free last time, and he said he was sorry, but that was their policy. I just looked at him and said "fuck that", turned around and walked out. I was pissed for 5 minutes and then began to think, what am I going to do. They basically have my radio held hostage, but I wasn't going to give up that easily. I called the shop that fixed my car, they said only dealerships could call in for the code, so they couldn't help. So when I got home, I sat in my car for awhile thinking about obvious codes that I would have used. I tried my birthday, wedding day, SS number, and anything else that seemed logical. Well, I found out that after you try 8 times, in goes into another lock down mode which won't let you continue to try more numbers until the car has been running for 1 hour. On Monday night, I drove back to my parents, and then home again which would have been over an hour. When I finally got home, I was going to try another number. It still wouldn't let my enter any number. Then I found out that it had to run for 1 hour constantly. So on Tuesday, I scoured the internet to see if I could find a code to unlock my radio. I found some sites that said they would give you a code for $20, but I wasn't ready to pay anything yet. I must have searched for 2 hours, when finally, on some message board, I found the "delco radio" phone number and a dealership code which would give me access to it. I had to go out to my car to get a six digit code from my radio by holding down 3 buttons, the gas pedal, honk the horn, raise your arm, and roll down the back passenger window 1/4 of the way. Well, it wasn't that tough, but I did get the code. I then called the number, entered the dealership code, and then entered my 6 digit code from my radio. I waited like 3 second, then it spit back a 4 digit unlock code for my car. I wanted to go try it right away, but I knew that I would have to drive my car for an hour before I would be able to get it to accept the code. So after work, I drove home, 15 minutes, picked up my golf clubs why leaving the car running. Drove down to a local golf shop to get my clubs lengthened, (This is a whole different story that I will hopefully remember to post later.) car still running. Then stopped at my Verizon outlet to ask about increasing my cell phone play. (Yet another story if I haven't posted it yet.) I was then driving home, but I was at only about 50 minutes. So I drove over to Jeff's house, bullshitted with him for a while, and made some plans for the night. (Car running in the driveway.) I then drove back home, it had now been running for about 80 minutes. I parked and tried to enter the code I was given. It accepted the code, and my radio was now functioning. The first thing that happened was a big smile came across my face, and I thought "Fuck you Pontiac." I don't mind Pontiac, but I will probably never go back to that particular dealership again.

So, If anyone reading this ever has a delco radio get locked out from power loss, just drop me a note, and I will hook you up with a way to get it unlocked without paying them damn radio hostage taking bastards any money. (Just on a side note, when searching for a code, I found that most dealerships charge more than my local one, I saw some for as much as $100. Also, if you every buy a new car, and get to set your own radio code, write it down somewhere.

I have another story about my escapades last night, but this is getting long, so I will create another post.


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