Thursday, July 08, 2004

Long Weekend II

On Friday morning, we got up around 9:00. Four of us headed to town for breakfast at the bar. I had a breakfast burrito and a Miller Lite. (Breakfast of champions) We then went to the hardware store to make a new beer bong, then the liquor store for more beer. Back at camp, we continued to drink and have a good time. We were just killing time until we were ready to hit the river. The guys in the campsite next to us were standing by the side of the river all day, there must have been 7 of them, just yelling and having a good time as people went by. The funny thing was that half of them were wearing thong speedo's. I am pretty open to almost anything, but that was just wrong. The one guy's gut was hanging over the top of his speedo, not a pretty site. After grilling some brats for lunch, we got our tubes and started preparing for the trip. It was not sunny at all, and just little cool, but there was no way we weren't going down the river. We tied about 25 tubes together in a big circle, and had 4 cooler tubes in the middle just floating around. The entire ride is suppose to last around 3 hours. The campsite we were at was in the middle of the run and it should have taken us around 1.5 hours to get to the bottom. But of course Jim was drinking like a fish and was drunk about 1 hour into the trip. We would stop about every 5-10 minutes to either bong a beer, or try to get some chick to show us her tits. We did have a lot of women with there clothes off this time, but I was just wanting to keep moving. I hate being cold, and I was already starting to shake. At one point, one of the guys with us had a chick on his shoulders and he was walking down the river and I was holding her top for her. I have a few pictures of her, and I will tell you more of this story later. When we finally did get to the bottom, 2 friends and I decided that we had enough of this. We got out and walked back to our campground. As we did, it started to rain. I was thinking that I had made the right choice, until the rest of the group got back.

Here is the story as I heard it. Once the group got on the bus to head back to the top of the river. The girl that had her top off earlier (I will call her Amy) was making out with one of the girls in our group. I guess hands were going all over and both women had there tops off again. Her boyfriend was not a very happy man. Then Amy got with here friend and they made out for a little while. Her friend ended up going down on her right there on the bus. When the bus got to the top of the river, everyone was getting out and Amy says, "I'm going to start a revolution." and proceeds to take all of her clothes off, and walks down to the river nude. From what I understand, she was like that most of the way down, and her friend had her top off most of the way down. Her friend had some very nice assets to show. I would guess at least a D cup if not larger. They were actually pretty firm also, but that is because she is still young. I would say she was between 18-22. The top half of the river is where most of the partying is done, since it has the best sand bars. I didn't hear too much about any good parties, probably because of the rain. But all of the guys that were with them kept on talking about Amy and her friend. I guess I made a bad choice to get off the river, but how was I to know.

Later that night, around 7 or 8 I suppose. We decided that we were going to hit the town of Stillwater MN. Jim, LB, and I headed for the showers, and then into town. The first bar we went to was pretty dead, and there wasn't very much talent there. We then headed to another bar, and things started getting better. Jim was drinking pretty heavily, and getting very drunk. When he does this, he likes to talk, and hit on any girl that passes by. He started to make a friends with the guys standing next to us at the bar. He was getting loud are I think the bartender was getting annoyed with him. After a little while, LB and I order more drinks and told the bartender to put it on "loud mouths" tab. He just say OK and we are now drinking for free. Around 11:30, we head to the dance club, since the guys Jim was talking to said that was the place to be late at night. When we got to the dance club, there wasn't many people there. We ordered some drinks and talked with our new friends. Around midnight, the place started to get packed. Jim had a tab open again and we were using this and his drunken state to our advantage. LB was drinking Crown water, and I was having some Southern Comfort on the rocks. Jim was hitting on a few girls, and then about 10 minutes later I see him making out with one at the bar. Then about 5 minutes later, she was gone. I danced with a few women and then just before close I hooked up with a girl that was ready to go home. We were headed out the door, and one of the guy friends we made earlier came up and said "no way". It turned out that this was his sister, and he knew that I was a long way from home, looking for a one night stand. I didn't push the issue, since I wouldn't want my sister to do it either. Why did it have to be his sister.... That is just my luck. So we headed home and in the morning, packed up to headed home.


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