Thursday, July 08, 2004

Long Weekend

Well, I haven't updated this in a while. Things haven't been going good here, but I will start with my trip to Apple River.

Last Thursday night, Jim, LB, and I headed to Apple River. LB wasn't drinking, so Jim and I drank the whole way up there. By the time we finally made it, 5 hours later, and many beers. We setup camp, and drank with some of the boys that were there until it was time to go to bed. We didn't really stay up too late, since we knew the next couple of days would be long. On Friday morning, we got up and went to town to buy some food and other necessities. Of course we had to stop at the bar for a few while we were there. By noon, we were back at the campground, cooked some hot dogs on the grill, and prepared for a day of floating down the river. The weather was great, around 80 and sunny all day. We drank quite a bit, but I was a little ticked off when some of the people we were with lost the beer bong about 20 minutes into the trip. It was Friday, so most people were still working. There was more people on the river than I thought there would be, but we didn't run into very many big parties. I of course forgot to put sun screen on and got a little red, but that is normal. When we got off the river, we decided that we were going to head to town to meet with one of Jim's girlfriends who was suppose to hook us up for the night. We did meet up with them, but the whole night was a bust. We managed to drink quite a bit and have a pretty decent time, but nothing like I expected. I did have a gay guy buy me a beer at the bar. I wasn't sure what to say, I never talked to him, I just walked up to the bar and ordered a beer, he said something to the bartender and then went to the bathroom. The bartender told me that he bought it, and I just left and went back to my friends. I'm not homophobic or anything, but that just seemed a little bit weird for me. After going back to the campground, we sat by the fire and drank so more. A few more of our friend were now there, they had worked on Friday, and had just gotten there. All of the sudden, we hear a big commotion going on behind us. We all stand up and watch what is going on. There were about 3 guys all yelling at this other guy, telling him to get the fuck out of the campground. By now, around 20 people had gathered. We didn't know why, or what he did, but these guys were pissed off. Then one of them says to the guy. "We told you to get out of our campsite 3 times, and you just stood there. Then you showed us your dick." At that time, we all started laughing, but they just kept on yelling at him. This guy must have been hammered. The next thing we hear is 3-4 big thuds. One of the guys was hitting the drunk, we all stood up again, to see what was happening. And the most funny thing I have seen it a while was the guy getting beat, gets up, about 5 feet from the other guy who had been hitting him and looks straight at him and hold up both hands directly in front of him with his thumbs up. Like he as saying "Great, do it again." I thought for sure that this guy was going to get his ass kicked, but about that time a girl grabs the drunk and starts pulling him away from the others. We sat back down and continued drinking and laughed about the incident. Then about 20-30 minutes later, security comes over to our campsite with the drunk guy and says, "Is this guy with you." We of course say no, because we didn't know him. Then the drunk starts saying, "Come on dude, I know you guys." We all just sit there like he is on drugs. We again said we didn't know him, the drunk is yelling at us like we are lying and the security guy doesn't know what to think. He probably thought we didn't want to claim him for fear of getting thrown out. Eventually they leave, and I think they found his friends about 2 campsites down. That guy must have been the drunkest guy on Apple River that night. It was funny as hell. I don't think he even knew where he was at, but he was probably sore the next morning.


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