Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Well, after getting my radio working again, I had about an hour before Jeff and I were going to go out. I got ready, and decided that I had time for some online poker. I decided to play on a 25-50 cent table, and started with $10. I was getting some very nice hands and within 30 minutes I was up to $30. I then played for about 10 more minutes and ended up leaving with $25. Not a bad payout for 40 minutes of entertainment. Jeff and I were heading to a small local bar in Brandon which is like 10 miles away. This is where we hold our annual Nut-Grabber every year during the All-Star game. We usually have more people show up, but this year we only had 8. The Nut-Grabber is basically a game we play while watching the baseball game. To start, everyone anti's a quarter. We have a bat and a ball which is passed around, usually at opposite sides of the table. Whoever has the bat, gets the batter who is up. Whoever has the ball is the pitcher for that batter. Depending on what happens, you will either have to pay money, or get to take money. Example: Batter has to pay a quarter for getting out, but takes money for hits. 1/3 pot for single, 1/2 pot for double, 3/4 pot for triple, whole pot for HR. The pitcher has to pay for giving up a hit, walk, or RBI. But if the pitcher strikes out the batter, he gets the whole pot. There are a lot of other different things like paying for beaning the batter, or paying if a coach or catcher comes to the mound. But that is the basic concept. The reason that we call it the Nut-Grabber is that if the pitcher or batter ever goes to his bag, (touch his nuts) it will cost that person a quarter to start, and the amount increases as the innings move on. It seems like that last few years we haven't seen as many grabs as we used to. Some of the reasons for this include TV coverage always going to a shot of someone other than the batter and pitcher, only showing the batter from the waist up between pitches, and just an absence of old school baseball players who like to grab and adjust their nuts once in a while. A few years ago we had a hay day with David Wells, and Jim Thome. When Wells was pitching and Thome came up to bat, quarters were flying everywhere, that was a great year. This year was better than some, Thome played and did grab a couple of times, and so did a few other batters. Never did see any of the pitcher go to the bag at all. At one point during the game I must have been up around $10, but by the end of the night, I was only up $4, but it is better than losing money. After the game, it was around 11:00p. Jeff and I decided to head to our local hangout for a few more drinks. I was hoping to see the rental car girl there, but didn't think it would be likely since it was 11:00p on a Tuesday night. We bellied up to the bar and ordered a few drinks. I scanned the room for any possible partners for the night. Didn't see rental car girl, but CC (cruise chick) was there. CC and her friend came up to the bar and sat with us, we had a few more drinks, and some shots. Jeff was ready to go home since we had to work in the morning. He said that he was going to drive, but I could tell just by looking at his eyes, that if he got picked up, he would be spending the night at the gray-bar motel. I convinced him not to drive, and CC said she would give us a ride home. I told Jeff that I would pick him up in the morning to go get his car. CC ended up bringing Jeff and her friend home first, then brought me to my apartment. She didn't shut off the car right away, so I just asked her if she was going to come up or not. She asked if I was going to be mean or not, I just said "yes". Then she said a good "mean", or a bad "mean". Of course I meant a good mean. So, we ended up in bed, she still had all of her close on, and wanted to talk, or as I call it, quiz and question me. She always gets this way when she has been drinking. I think it is insecurity or something. But she again asked why I didn't call to have her come over or go out and do something. Well, of course I am sick of getting this same question every time, so I just stated the facts. "I saw you last Monday and Wednesday nights, Thursday I had softball, then I had my boys for the weekend, last night I had to work on my parents computers, and tonight I was out with the boys at the annual Nut-Grabber. When was I suppose to do something with you?" Of course I thought she would back down when she understood that I was getting annoyed with the same questions every time, but she didn't quit. Then she wanted to know if I have been sleeping with anyone else lately, the answer was no, but that was not by choice. I didn't tell her that last part though. After more questions and answers, we finally did get down to some good old fashion humping, but it just wasn't that great. Partly because I was still a little drunk, and partially because I was really tired and it was 3:30 now. After 3 hours of sleep, we got up, and she was going home to sleep more, and I headed to Jeff's to give him a ride to his car. When I got to Jeff's house, he was still in bed. He told me to come in, and said he needed to take a quick shower. He turned on the water, and 1 minute later, he came out and said he was calling in sick. Apparently just the sound of the water made him change his mind. He didn't look very well, and was sick, but it was self induced. I still gave him a ride to his car, but he was headed straight back to bed when he got home. I actually don't feel that bad today, just a little off, but I know that I will be tired tonight. I am suppose to call CC when I get off work, hopefully she just wants to talk, I really won't feel like doing anything tonight except sleeping.


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guy, you are as entertaining as they come. Thanks for posting and please keep it up. From one South Dakotan to another, I look forward to them.


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