Friday, July 09, 2004

Recovery time

Not much has happened since last weekend. I am just trying to recover and get ready for the next big event, whatever that may be. On Sunday and Monday, all I did was lay around my apartment, and catch up on some sleep and relaxing. I did go to two movies this week, The day after tomorrow, and Spiderman 2. Both were good movies, but didn't have the extra little something that would make them great. Spiderman 2 is making a lot of money, but it just seemed like it was missing something to me. I don't know what it is missing, but that is just the way I felt. I did play softball last night, but I would rather not discuss it much. We are still playing shitty ball right now. Drank a few beers after the game, but still ended up going home early.

The biggest thing that has happened this week, is that my car is taking a shit on me. It started making noise last Wed. and it was still doing it on Mon. when I got back from our Apple River trip. I had a mechanic look at it, and they said it was something in the engine, but they couldn't tell exactly what until they opened it up. So Thurs. morning, I dropped off the car and got a ride to work. They called me later that morning telling me what was all wrong, and approximately how much it would cost to fix it. I don't remember everything, but some of the lifters were bad, and a gasket was broken and leaking antifreeze into the oil or something like that. Anyway, they are going to fix everything and give it a "tune up". The bill will probably run around $1500. This may put a little crimp in my style for a month or two, but I am still planning on booking my singles cruise next week, after I get the final cost of the auto repairs. The repair shop did rent a car for me, never, I repeat, never buy a Dodge Neon. It seems to drive ok, but to me, it just feels like I am in a tin can. Does not feel safe at all, and is not very comfortable to drive.

I spoke with Jeff today, we are going to hit our bar tonight. We have a guarantee that the owner is going to be there to drink with us. We always have a great time with him and his wife, they are just great people. Jeff said that he drank a little too much last night after softball and is paying for it today, but I am raring to go. Tonight I predict that I will be in rare form. I should drink something different every time to see how long I can get my bill. Jeff and another friend did this once, both being on the same tab, and their bill was like 2 feet long. Maybe a foot and a half, I wasn't there, but that is what they told me. The more that I think about this the worse it sounds. If I do that, every beer I drink will be on my tab, which means I will get none for free. Usually at our bar, every 3rd or 4th beer will be free, so I may not do that tonight.

Have my boys this weekend, and the twins have a baseball tournament. Which is bad timing, because I have had 3 other teams ask me to play in softball tournaments this weekend. Oh well, I guess I will live. It is suppose to be hot an muggy this weekend, with possibilities of rain. For some reason, with my luck, it will rain after we get out to the ball fields.


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