Monday, January 03, 2005

It is a new year!!!!

I sure hope this year doesn't go as bad as last year. I am not even sure where to start, so many things have happened since I last updated this that I don't think I will be able to give any details, which is what makes the stories good. Mostly, I have been hanging out, looking for jobs, and getting drunk. There is no new love interests in my life, but I am always looking.

Christmas was ok for me, but my kids had a great time and we brought home a car full of gifts for them, and they got to play with their cousins all day. I'm sure they would love to have Christmas every weekend, but what kid wouldn't.

Well, I guess I will just start with recent happenings, and then fill in the past as they pop into my head later on. Jeff finally found a girl to bring home last week, which makes my life easier since I don't have to hear him complain about not getting any for such a long time. I guess I would be bummed also if I had to wait 13 months before I get any again. The girl he brought home was someone that we knew from the bar and we do see her often. She has always seemed friendly, but none of us have ever made a move. I don't exactly know why we didn't, but it just never happened. Well anyway, Jeff was getting pretty drunk, and was talking to her for a long time. The next thing you know, they were sitting at the table making out like their plane was going down. Jeff looked at me and said they were going home, and could I find a ride. I said no problem, and off they went. The next day, Jeff called me to give me all the details. He said that last night, he just looked at her and asked if she wanted to go home with him. Apparently she said yes, and drove she both of them to Jeffs house. They went in, opened a beer, turned on some music, and sat down on the couch. Jeff said that he only got about 1 drink of his beer and they were all over each other. I'm not sure how graphic I want to get here, but they both got naked, and ended up heading to the bedroom. Jeff said that he had two rubbers sitting by the bed, but she just jumped on before he knew what was happening. He did ask about birth control, but she just said she was taking the shots. He did say the next day that he should have worn a rubber, but at the time he did care in his drunken state. He did say that he finished once, and then later started again, but he was not sure if he finished the last time. He said he might have passed out. I just laughed at him for a few minutes over that one. She ended up leaving that night, but he did call her the next day or the day after, I can't remember which. Well, she was going to meet us out at the bar on Wed. night, but she never showed up. We thought it was odd, but didn't think much of it. Jeff did call her on Thurs. to see if she was still meeting us on New Years Eve. She said yes, and everything was fine again. Well, Friday night, she didn't show up. Jeff tried to call her, but no answer. My guess would have been that she was trying to blow him off, but I don't know. Sat. night, Jeff went out, but I had my boys again, so I didn't go with. He told me the rest of this story on Sun. morning. Sat. night, she was at the bar, sitting with one of the guys we know from the bar. This guy went over to Jeff and said that she "dug" Jeff. Jeff just said she didn't show it very well. A little later she went over and sat with Jeff and the talked and drank. Then he said that they started making out at the table again, he asked if she wanted to go home with him again and she said yes. Jeff said that he paid his tab, and was going to the bathroom before they left. When he came back from the bathroom, she was gone. I again had to take a couple of minutes to laugh. He was pretty pissed off about it, I am not sure why since I don't think he has any thoughts of dating this girl, but I guess just wanted to get laid again. So now I am sure that the next time we are out at the bar and she shows up, there will be a few tense moments until everything is straightened out. I just hope I can stay out of the middle of this so I can just laugh at them....

Like I mentioned in the story, I did go to our normal bar on New Years Eve. I knew from the start that it was going to be a shitty night. The owners of the bar invited us and some of our friends to stay that night. The bar was closing to the public at 8:00pm. We ended up drinking for free until about 1:00am. Drinking for free is always a good thing, but I knew everyone that was going to be there. The only women that were going to be there were wifes and girlfriends. Which meant I was going home by my self with nobody to kiss at midnight. So my plan for the whole night was to see how much free booze I could drink from 8-close. I guess I did a very good job, because I don't remember leaving the bar, going home, or even how I got into my apartment. I just hope I didn't make too much of an ass of myself since my ex-sister-in-law is married to one of our friends, and she was there. If I did anything dumb, I sure it will get back to my ex-wife. Surprisingly enough, I had to get my boys the next morning, but I really didn't feel that bad. I know that I had a few beers, then a few rum&7's, before I switched to straight Southern Comfort. I had a pile of them, and they must have hit me all at once. Jeff said that I was fine one minute, then the next minute I was a pile of shit. I do know that I made it past midnight though, because I remember opening and drinking some champaign.

Well, that is about enough for today, my fingers are getting tired from typing, and I think I might just go down to the bar tonight, so I have to go get ready. Later all....


At 8:16 PM, Anonymous Vivian said...

It's interesting what a woman can learn from reading a male's blog.
I appreciate your honesty...especially the wingman part. I had a moment like that once, to. Once. My advice, don't settle again! You'll be alright.
PS - How fat was she? LOL

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Viv from Miami said...

It's interesting what a woman can learn from reading a male's blog.
I appreciate your honesty. I laughed at reading about your wingman part. I done my sharing of wingin', too! LOL
Heck, I even slept with a fat guy myself.
My advice, don't settle again!
PS - How fat was she? LOL


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